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Amy Nazdrowicz a Recognized Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor
Leads Surveys for the Little Turtle in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania

New Castle, DE Landmark Science & Engineering, Inc., an integrated civil engineering and environmental sciences consulting firm based in Delaware, with Dover, DE and Havre de Grace, MD branch offices, is pleased to announce that Environmental Scientist Amy Nazdrowicz has achieved registration as a "Recognized Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor" in Delaware by DNREC, Maryland by DNR, and in Pennsylvania by PFBC and USFWS.

The Bog Turtle is a small, wetland-inhabiting turtle that is federally listed as "threatened" through the U.S. Endangered Species Act and the State of Maryland, and is listed as "endangered" by the states of Delaware, New Jersey, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Unique planning challenges are presented by Bog Turtles because their secretive nature and seasonal activeness restricts the time of year that a Phase II Bog Turtle survey can be executed to just April 15 through June 15. A Phase I survey can be conducted at any time of year.

Mrs. Nazdrowicz earned a M.S. in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Delaware and a B.S. in Environmental Science and Forest Biology from S.U.N.Y. She has over 11 years of experience (more than seven years with the firm). She specializes in wetland creation design and native plantings, monitoring of the plant, wildlife and hydrologic conditions of created wetlands, habitat assessments, and conducting rare, threatened and endangered species studies. Amy has been published in professional journals such as Biological Conservation and Restoration Ecology, and volunteers for the Delaware Amphibian Monitoring Program and Adopt-A-Wetland program, among others.


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Amy Nazdrowicz, Recognized
Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor
in DE, MD, PA